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Siân & Andrew

The Gower Gin Company, an award-winning Welsh gin distillery, is owned and run by Siân and Andrew Brooks.


After a long career in Management Consultancy, Andrew is now a full-time distiller.  He is passionate about foraging, distilling and creating new recipes.


Siân is now involved in the gin business full-time after a career lecturing and teaching French and Spanish. Siân has been obsessed with finding the perfect Breton jumper to match the Gower Gin label.




GŴYR, 43% Alc/Vol

Our classic GŴYR original gin is made with foraged green and bronze fennel from local beaches blended with fresh zest of lemon and pink grapefruit for an aromatic and zesty London Dry.

Serve with pared orange or a thin slice of pink grapefruit.


Our flagship gin has been awarded The Gin Guide's Best in Wales 2019, a San Francisco Bronze, London Spirits Competition Silver 2018 and a Great Taste award.

PINWYDD, 43% Alc/Vol

GŴYR Pinwydd is a classic juniper forward London Dry with aromatic pine tips & pink peppercorns blending with fresh orange zest and cranberry. The taste is fruity and intense and it is perfect served over ice with fresh cranberries and a twist of orange zest. It makes a wicked Negroni too!


Pinwydd won a Bronze medal in the London Spirits Competition 2019.

RHOSILI, 45% Alc/Vol

GŴYR Rhosili is made in conjunction with the Dylan Thomas Estate to commemorate his strong links with Gower. This fresh gin 'sings of the sea' with sea buckthorn, lime, gorse and linden flower. Cut at 45% for a creamy finish, we suggest it is served with a slice of lime or a sprig of rosemary.


We were delighted that GŴYR Rhosili won a Gold Award in the World Gin Awards 2020.

BARA BRITH, 43% Alc/Vol

GŴYR Bara-Brith is a delicious warming new gin based on Grandma's recipe with tea-soaked vine fruit, citrus & spice. Bara Brith is inspired by the famous Welsh ‘speckled bread’ and is warming and spicy; serve with zest of orange and a cinnamon stick. It makes a fantastic Martinez cocktail.


Bara Brith has won a Bronze medal in the London Spirits Competition 2020 and a Great Taste Award in 2020.

RHAMANTA, 43% Alc/Vol

It was a huge privilege that our Rhamanta gin was selected to be Craft Gin Club Gin of the Month for February 2020. 'Rhamanta' was the ancient Welsh tradition of finding your true love and this gin celebrates love and friendship with rose and pomegranate. 


Rhamanta has won a Silver medal in the London Spirits Competition 2020 and was a Finalist and Geographical High Scorer for Contemporary Gin in the Gin Guide Awards 2021.


The fire and smoke of a dragon’s breath along with the majesty of Worm’s Head in Rhossili were the inspiration for this 60% Dragon’s Strength gin.


The recipe is based on ‘Rhosili’ gin with the added fire and smoke of dragons from cubeb pepper, grains of paradise and lapsang souchong tea.


Our Dragon Strength has won a Bronze medal in the World Gin Awards 2021, a Silver medal in the London Spirits Competition 2021 and a Silver medal in the IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) 2021.

Our Micro-distillery

Our micro distillery is in a converted bike shed in the village of Port Eynon on Gower.  We have an absolute passion for gin and are constantly developing new recipes based on the botanicals found on Gower. Our aim is to make small batch craft gin which encapsulates the freshness of the sea and the aromas of the coast and dunes that surround us. We want to be a strong ambassador for Gower and Wales which is why we use Welsh names for our gins and have fully bilingual bottles.


We are now taking bookings for our gin garden (suitable for all weather). We can take up to 8 people comfortably.  Please send us a message through the website if you are a larger group and we will do our best to accommodate.  You can book a 2 hour slot below to taste all our gins and see our micro distillery.  There is no charge for the visit.

A short journey to work

After commuting to London for many years, Andrew loves his very short journey to work now! 


Our still, called Arianwen or Silver Spirit, is a 200L pot still which lets us make up to 300 bottles of gin at a time.  We use a long slow maceration process to fully extract all the botanical flavours before distillation resulting in intensely flavoured spirits. 


We love to innovate with our gins and have developed our own processes for flavour development, oak-mellowing and post distillation infusions which have allowed us to create unique flavours for ourselves and for our bespoke clients.  Distilling by the sea has its own special magic and if you are ever in the area please do call in and say hello.


Gin Guide Awards 2021: Highly Commended for Environmental Sustainability

Trying to make a difference.

We love Gower and we try everything we can to protect the environment. We forage for botanicals using the Foraging Code as this helps keep Gower special for everyone. 


We sell our gin in both bottles and eco-pouches; both glass bottles and the pouches are recyclable, and if you live in Swansea the bottles can also be refilled in Cheers Wine Merchants in the Mumbles – they are just two different ways of ensuring a circular loop is created for re-using and recycling raw materials to ensure as much re-use as possible, reducing the pressure on obtaining new natural materials. We know also that many of our gin fans like to up-cycle our bottles into lights, candles, vases and even bird feeders.


There are additional benefits for the eco pouches we sell, however, in terms of space and weight, when being carried and transported.  This is where the pouches come into their own; they have less volume and are much lighter than glass so ideal for travelling, al-fresco dining and camping and they take less time to chill. The pouches are recycled via Terracycle UK and converted into plastic granules which are used to make new products.  The important thing for us is to give people a choice and reduce the use of raw materials wherever possible.




Meet Our Team


Arleen has been a fantastic addition to the team.  Not only does she keep everything organised, she also has become an accomplished distiller for our individual gins...and we love that she matches our gin! 


Laura brings huge enthusiasm for the distilling process as well as specialist  knowledge from her degree in Chemistry and we are delighted to have her as part of the Gower Gin team.


We simply could not manage without Carys!  She does all our mail order parcels each day...which has almost become a full-time job during lockdown.


Owain is our chief taster and brand developer. In between his Master's in Management, Owain loves to research new and emerging trends to feed into our new product development.


...and of course Dodge, our Distillery rescue cat.  Dodge loves to come on foraging trips to the beach and welcomes all visitors to the distillery.

The Sharing Table Cymru

We support The Sharing Table Cymru charity which helps disadvantaged children and their families on Gower and Swansea and Siân is a trustee of the charity.


We were delighted to help deliver Christmas meal boxes in December 2020 and will continue to support the fantastic Cooking Club project in 2021. 


Please call us on +44 7854 7854319768 +44 7854 7854319768 or use our contact form.

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