The botanicals for all our gins are macerated for almost two days and the infused spirit is then slowly distilled to create the perfect blend.  


The ABV of 43% of GŴYR, Pinwydd and Bara Brith creates a smooth finish and brings out the juniper and citrus beautifully.  For GŴYR: Rhosili, we have chosen 45% ABV as it best enhances the delicate botanicals we have used.


We hope that when you taste our gins, it will transport you to the long golden beaches and ozone rich air of one of the most beautiful places in Wales.



GŴYR is made with a blend of eight botanicals including juniper, fresh zest of lemon, fresh zest of pink grapefruit, green fennel and bronze fennel.


Pinwydd has a classic London dry base and is then infused with aromatic foraged pine tips, orange, cranberry and pink peppercorn.


GŴYR: Rhosili has the same classic London dry base but this time with foraged Gorse flowers, sea buckthorn, linden flowers and fresh lime zest.  The gin was created in conjunction with the estate of Dylan Thomas and it celebrates the zest and vitality of the young poet who loved Gower.


Bara Brith is a celebration of home baking and was inspired by Grandma.  Based on the Welsh tea bread, we macerate sultanas in Welsh black tea and add cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.  Each bottle comes a copy of Grandma's recipe.





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