GLÂN - Hand Sanitiser


As soon as it was legally possible, we started to produce the World Health Organisation recipe hand sanitiser to fight the COVID-19 crisis; amongst the first distilleries in Wales to do so.


We were inundated with requests from across South Wales and as you can see below within a few weeks we had supported ambulance crews, hospitals, schools, police, nurses, midwives, social care centres, GPs, care homes and palliative care centres with hand sanitiser donations.


We have received many wonderful donations from concerned individuals and companies and we would like to thank everyone for their generosity of spirit.  All of this money has been used to make more products for those in need and key-workers across South Wales and beyond.


Our team of volunteers (all working at a social distance) have been amazing and have helped us produce enough sanitiser for tens of thousands of bottles.


Our sanitiser is called Glân which means pure / spotless; made with a touch of calming lavender, it has been a small patch of brightness during a difficult time.


Helping frontline workers

Even though we are now not selling in our online shop (owing to postal restrictions), the hand sanitiser can be bought from Hugh Phillips Online Butcher - please see link below:


(Photo by Kelly Glarvey)


We believe that it is important to drink responsibly and this is why we include this message on our bottles of gin. 



When we forage the fennel for our gin, we adhere to the 'Foraging Code'. This means we only pick where specimens are abundant, we do not strip a site bare, we use a knife to harvest and we are also growing fennel ourselves to ensure protection of the wild population.



We are proud to live in an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' AONB and we want to support and promote this beautiful area as much as we can.

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